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    We believe firmly that dads need products that are as resilient as they are. We offer a manufacturing and materials warranty: if there is a problem due to how the product was made, we’ll replace it for free.

    However, this warranty will not cover damage that is done due to the normal wear and tear of daily life or any mistreatment of the products.

    We intentionally picked materials that would age well—our leather and canvas will age naturally over time and use. You can help your products stay in good shape by caring for them well. Always store your products in a cool area away from direct sunlight; over time, exposure to the sun can cause natural materials like our leather and canvas to fade. 

    Many of the products, like the Dad Dopp Kit, the Pouch, and the Bottle Holder, are lined with coated cotton that can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or wipe. Please note that this lining does not make the products waterproof; it is designed so that the surface of these products will be easy to clean on the go.

    To clean the outside of our waxed canvas and leather products, make sure to avoid detergent, harsh soaps, hot water and washing machines. Baby wipes can leave a filmy residue, so we do not recommend wipes.

    For small spots on the canvas portion of the products, cool water and gentle soap with a soft sponge or rag will work. Gently massage just a little soap over the spot and then carefully rinse, taking care not to get the leather wet.

    Leather salve can hydrate and condition leather; some salves even provide waterproof protection. By rubbing the leather salve into the bag, you can blend scratches or reduce the signs of dryness. Avoid getting any liquids on leather as it can stain if saturated.