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    It all started with a pair of cargo pants. The founder of Otter Pass, Jonathan, had the worst habit of insisting that his cargo pants, at least 10 years out of style, were still necessary in order to be a good father. They hung around his knees, sad and baggy, full of all the things he wanted to carry when he took the kids out for a few hours: wipes, adhesive bandages, hair ties, a notebook, a pen, a pocket knife. His wife Jessica gave him an ultimatum: Find an alternative. Any alternative. The cargo pants had to go.

    Try as he might, he couldn’t find anything better. So he designed it himself.

    Jonathan’s Dad Wallet is the sleek alternative to the over-packed cargo pants. It can be used as a standalone wallet or as a companion piece to the well-worn wallet you may already have. With the (much more in style than cargo pants) Dad Wallet, you’ll have everything you need for a few hours out-and-about with your kids.

    How to Pack an Otter Pass Dad Wallet

    Every pocket was thoughtfully designed and each thing has a place. Here is what Jonathan grabs for his Dad Wallet:

    • Bandages. Whether it’s a busted knee or hurt feelings, adhesive bandages make everything better. Sticking a few of these in this special pocket so they don’t fold or crinkle helps keep them fresh until you need them.
    • Wipes. Jonathan likes individual wipes so he doesn’t have to carry the whole packet (which still fit well in the Travel Case, for those of you with kids in the younger years). But his individual wipes are great for snotty noses, popsicle dribble, and the time when the neighbor says “Sure!” to your kid petting their slobbery dog.
    • You never know when your kid will say something so funny you want to remember it forever. Three exclusive “Notes and Notables” notebooks come with each Otter Pass wallet. Jonathan has a collection of notebooks he’s gathered over the years. He stores them in a special place and together, they chronicle many of his favorite family outings. Otter Pass will have “Notes and Notables” notebooks for sale individually soon so that you can always have one with you when you need it. The wallet includes space for a small pen so that you’re always ready.
    • Hair things. With three girls, Jonathan need clips and hair bands to keep their hair out of their eyes (one of Jonathan’s pet peeves). You can stick them in a special pocket that’s tight enough to keep the bands from falling out.
    • Swiss Army Card Knife. The pocket fits perfectly with the card-sized pocket knife. We recommend the Swiss Army pocket edition (not included with the wallet); it allows you to always have tweezers for splinters, small scissors to cut off tags, and anything else you need a pocket knife to do.
    • If you want to use this wallet as a stand-alone wallet, it’s ready for that too—you have all of the traditional wallet features including card holder spaces and pockets for cash.

    These are Jonathan’s favorites, but you will have your own way of itemizing what you need for your kids. The pockets are versatile enough you can fit a number of things you need. The sky and your creativity are the limits.

    Give those cargo pants—or worse, that fanny pack—a break. Enjoy the Dad Wallet’s sleek, easy-to-carry design that doesn’t weigh you down but always keeps you prepared.