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    When Jonathan Goudeau, an entrepreneur in Austin, became a father, he started looking for a bag that would work for all parts of his life. He needed something that would allow him to be a competent, organized dad and still carry everything he needed for work. It shouldn’t be that hard, he thought—room for a laptop or diapers, a place for a water bottle or a baby bottle, pouches for work receipts or a pacifier, a compartment for a computer cord or extra baby clothes. But he couldn’t find anything that fit the bill.

    There were flowery bags designed for women, cheap backpacks made for dads who wanted to camp, expensive messenger bags that couldn’t handle the mess of life with kids. Where were the bags and accessories for the dads that Jonathan knew, men who were just as good at handing out snacks as they were at making presentations in the boardroom?

    So Jonathan decided to design his own line of high-quality bags and accessories for dads to use both at work and with their kids. He obsessively thought of every detail, making sure each pocket was right. They needed to be durable, the kind of bags people used to make that were intended to last. They needed to be easy to clean and sleek so that they don’t weigh dads down but keep them ready. They needed to be multifunctional so that dads could have everything they needed at their fingertips when a kid was melting down or a meeting was heating up.

    Jonathan found a designer with years of experience turning sketches into quality products. Together they created a line of bags and accessories that work for every part of an intentional dad’s life: travel, work, or adventuring with kids.

    Otter Pass Products for the Modern Dad

    The Messenger Bag is lightweight but sturdy, stays open to make grabbing things easy, has easy-close tabs and a sleek feel. It holds a laptop and work items or everything that fits into a standard diaper bag.

    The Bag Insert makes switching from work to kids easy: the insulated pocket fits a 15-inch laptop or tablet. Pens, glasses, headphones, a work mouse, and a notebook all have a place in the thoughtful pockets. But it’s also ideal for crayons, snacks, coloring books, stickers, and anything else an organized dad needs for time with his kids. The size is perfect for a trip since the insert slides easily into airplane seat pockets.

    The Dad Dopp Kit keeps snacks for kids handy; the easy-to-wipe coated liner makes clean up simple. It’s also the right size for toiletries or work cords and the squared off shape makes packing a breeze.

    The Lined Pouch keeps a pacifier clean; the clip ensures it’s within reach on keys or the bag ring. The pouch works great for business cards, credit cards, or work receipts.

    The Bottle Holder ensures that baby bottles fresh and ready; the coated liner means that budding artists can bring their paintbrushes. Dads going out for guys’ night can use it for an extra beer bottle.

    The Travel Case can carry diapers and wipes for the baby stage. Then it evolves to a book or electronic case for big kids or travel.

    The Dad Wallet is designed for dads of older kids who don’t need a bag and who aren’t into a fanny pack. It holds bandages, a notebook and pen, ponytail holders or slim snacks, even a card-shaped pocketknife. The Dad Wallet lets you put everything for a few hours with older kids into your back pocket.

    Otter Pass Origin Story

    When it came time to name the company, Jonathan chose the fishing lodge that held some of his best memories of his own dad: Otter Pass. When he caught a whiff of the leather and canvas as he opened his final products, it smelled like his dad’s leather bag. He could remember the feel of sitting for hours with his dad catching fish and being together. That was what he wanted most for his own children—not just good products, but the legacy of years spent with a dad who loved them, who was there for them, who was always ready with whatever they needed.

    Jonathan designed Otter Pass products for all the dads out there who are not willing to compromise on time with their kids while still being ready for a full day at work. It takes a lot of intention and organization to achieve work-life balance and Otter Pass products are an integral part of any dad’s equation. From daytime to dad-time, Otter Pass has you covered, so you can focus on what matters most: your kids.