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    Hill Country Hill Tribers

    Support for Refugees at the Center of our Business

    The team that started Otter Pass has worked together before. For seven years, we ran a nonprofit called Hill Country Hill Tribers in Austin, Texas. We worked with Burmese refugee artisans to sell their handmade products in the precarious years just after they resettled. We still have deep ties in the refugee community and we've been inspired first hand by the dads and moms we know who gave up everythingtheir homes, their extended families, their entire livesto save their children from war and persecution. As we grow, we would love to provide jobs for refugees in Austin. For now, we are committed to giving back to community partners working directly with resettled refugees. For that reason, 10% of the revenue from each product sold goes to support one of the nonprofits working with refugees in Austin: SARA, MRC, RST, Caritas, or iAct.